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Fall 2006

Dr. E. Tronick
1.25 credits

This tutorial focuses on observations of infant neurobehavioral assessment and several other assessments of older infants and children (e.g., attachment, mastery motivation, Bayley examination) in the laboratory. The student will observe Research Assistants carrying out these procedures, do reading on their own, and set aside time to discuss the observations. Times are flexible. Newborn observations occur almost every day at the Brigham and Women's and the other procedures occur many days of the week at our labs at 1295 Boylston. The student is responsible for arranging the observation times with Research Assistants.
Course Note: Pass/fail only; instructor's signature required.

Course evaluations are an important method for feedback on the quality of course offerings. The submission of a course evaluation is a requirement for this course. Your grade for the course will be made available only after you have submitted responses to at least the first three questions of the on-line evaluation for this course.

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