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Spring 2 2007

Dr. M. Ganz
2.50 credits
Course canceled permanently 2006-2007. No instructor.
Lectures. Two 2-hour sessions each week.

This course covers the applied econometric topics and techniques most likely to be needed by researchers investigating issues of health status, health behaviors, and health policy, either in a cross-section or over time. The focus is on applying the appropriate methods to secondary (observational, non-experimental) public health data in order to make as valid inferences as possible, such as working with complex data sets (surveys, panels and other clustered data sets), methods for endogeneity/simultaneity, and using quasi-experimental methods to assess change. The course will cover both the theoretical and applied aspects of these methods, but will focus on the use of methods appropriate to given data contexts. Students will learn the appropriate Stata commands to implement these methods. Students will complete brief computer-based homework assignments, a midterm exam, and will turn in a final data-based project.
Course Activities: Lectures, computer-based homework assignments, a midterm exam, final data-based project.
Course Note: BIO200, BIO205, BIO211, BIO213 required, or other course covering regression analysis; enrollment limited to 25 students, no auditors; instructor's signature required.

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