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Winter 2007

Hill, Allan G.

Winter Session
Dr. U. Larsen (P) Dr. A. Hill (S)
1.25 credits
Course not offered 2006-2007
Lectures. Four 4-hour class sessions. The last hour of class will be held in the computer lab.

This is an introductory level class on methods and measurement issues related to analyses of Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS). More than 170 DHS surveys have been conducted in more than 70 countries since the establishment of DHS in 1984. The students are introduced to the core survey, as well as to selected modules on, for example, domestic violence and female circumcision. The class will focus on developing survey data analyses skills, such as downloading a DHS data set, creating a SAS data set and performing specific empirical exercises. The class is problems based including the measurement of period and cohort trends in fertility, age at first intercourse and the prevalence of infertility. All analyses are done using the software package SAS.
Course Note: Some computer experience is expected. This class is probably best suited for students who have taken an introductory SAS class and possibly an introductory demographic techniques class. If you have none of these experiences, then talk to the instructor at the first class. Dates TBA, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. (5.06)

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