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Winter 2007

Dr. Mary E. Wilson
1.25 credits

Infectious diseases vary by geographic region and population, and they change over time. Intrinsic characteristics of the microbe and human host determine mechanisms of transmission and can constrain distribution. This course will explore the range of factors that shape the distribution and intensity of transmission of infectious diseases in place, population, and time. Included will be geoclimatic, environmental, socioeconomic, demographic, immunologic and genetic factors. The role of travel, trade, and technologic change in shaping distribution of infections will be discussed. The course will combine lectures, discussion, and case studies and will also use current examples of outbreaks from ProMED postings and media reports during the time of the course.
Course Notes: Enrollment limited, instructor's signature required. This course meets January 8 through January 12, from 9 am to 1 pm. (5.06)

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