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Winter 2007

Mr. C. Bruderlein, Dr. A. Hill
2.5 credits
Course cancelled for 2006-2007.
Lectures, group discussions, field trips

The aim of this interdisciplinary field study is to assess strategies for improving human security and development capabilities in the West Bank. The course will examine both the traditional development and security paradigm, and the analytical shift generated by the human security perspective. Our study will be structured around such key questions as: How do we define the primary needs of a population? How do we design strategies and programs to meet those needs? How can one favor the emergence of viable public infrastructure in conflict and post-conflict environments?

The program will begin with a one-week series of mandatory lectures, designed to expose participants to the human security framework for developing a critical analysis of current strategies. A ten-day visit to Israel and the West Bank will then focus on the specifics of programming, to include an overview of issues in different sectors. Practical workshops will provide additional exposure to relevant functional skills.
Students should submit a c.v. and statement of interest by October 6. For additional information, please contact
Course Note: Enrollment limited to 12 Students; one week of mandatory class sessions in Cambridge; ten-day visit to Israel and the West Bank; one week supervised writing in Cambridge. Pass/Fail grading option only. (9.06)

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