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Fall 2006

Dr. S. Kapiga
2.5 credits
Course offered 2006-2007. Offered alternate years.
Lectures. Two 2-hour sessions each week.

This course will provide students the opportunity to learn about the current state of knowledge and future directions in HIV/AIDS epidemiology, prevention, policy, treatment and care and research. This is a survey course designed for students with limited prior experience with HIV/AIDS who want to acquire broad public health knowledge about this infection, and develop basic understanding of the strategies for prevention and mitigation of the social impact of the pandemic. Lecture sessions will be designed to introduce students to the existing knowledge in the relevant areas and will cover the scientific, technical and programmatic aspects. The sessions will draw from accumulated global knowledge and experience and will help students to increase their understanding of the manifestations and deep roots of the pandemic, illuminate currently pressing issues and suggest avenues for an improved expanded response to HIV/AIDS. Instructors and guest lecturers include public health specialists, clinicians and researchers.
Course note: no auditors (5.06)

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