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Spring 2 2007

Dr. P.Campbell
1.25 credits
Lectures, seminars, case studies. One 2-hour session each week.

This course has been developed for students who will be developing and managing health-related programs and projects. They will be introduced to business plans, management tools used historically by entrepreneurs to gain access to financing for their ideas. Through this course students will also learn basic business skills. Business planning draws upon concepts and tools found in a number of management disciplines, from strategic planning to marketing and financial management. Students will learn through doing. Everyone participating will be required to draft a plan to be evaluated by the instructor. Several student plans will also be discussed by the entire class. Thus, everyone must have an idea suitable for business planning before beginning this course.

This development of this course reflects transitions in health sectors around the globe. In every country managers are under growing pressure. Costs are increasing due to growing populations, technology change, greater demand for consumer responsiveness and other causes. Meanwhile public budgets are often constant or even shrinking. The result is that many governments are being forced to make strategic changes in their health delivery systems. These changes include changing financing mechanisms, making greater use of the private sector, and instituting regulatory changes. Managers in both government and non-governmental health organizations are being forced to increase their managerial skills. Some are managing in traditional government bureaucracies, while others are in new quasi-governmental organizations or NGOs. They are all in need of new concepts and skills that can be adapted from private, for-profit management practices. They all seek sustainability. (5.06)

Course evaluations are an important method for feedback on the quality of course offerings. The submission of a course evaluation is a requirement for this course. Your grade for the course will be made available only after you have submitted responses to at least the first three questions of the on-line evaluation for this course.

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