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Spring 2 2008

Department of Nutrition and Department of Society, Human Development and Health
Dr. K. Peterson
2.5 credits
Course not offered 2006-2007. Offered alternate years.
Lectures. Two 2-hour sections each week.

The ability to translate nutrition and public health research to practical applications on the community and population level is increasingly becoming critical in the practice of public health nutrition. This course is designed for both masters and doctoral level students interested in acquiring skills for linking nutrition research to action in US and international settings; post-doctoral fellows with relevant applied research interests are welcomed. The course provides an introduction to research and practice of public health nutrition in both the US and abroad by presenting conceptual and methodological perspectives on topics ranging from existing nutrition programs and policies to planning and evaluation, to nutritional surveillance. Participatory, interdisciplinary approaches to research and practice are discussed and incorporated into student workgroup activities.
Course Activities: Discussions, assigned readings, class exercises, class presentations and written group project.
Course Note: Enrollment limited to 30 students. Prior coursework recommended in one or more of the following areas: nutrition, exercise physiology, program and policy implementation and evaluation, participatory and community-based public health practice and research.

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