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Spring 2007

Dr. J.. Nobel
2.50 credits
Lectures, seminars, case studies. One 4-hour session each week.

This very practical course will examine breakdowns in current preventive and chronic care delivery models in diabetes from the perspective of all major stakeholders involved including consumer/patients, providers, payers, and purchasers, as well as the opportunities for more effective programs to be designed, implemented and evaluated. New models of care delivery based on the availability of emerging information management technologies such as interactive patient directed web-sites, remote physiologic monitoring in the home and the use of new telecommunication platforms like hand-held devices will be reviewed and explored in the context of organizational, sociologic and economic constraints. The goal of the course will be to prepare students to address not only the diabetes challenge, but the better management of other chronic diseases. This will be achieved through a combination of classroom work and field experiences, drawing on the expertise of both local and national diabetes and technology experts to provide "state of the art" domain expertise and perspective.

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