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Fall 2006

Cross-listed at FAS as BPH-213 and at HMS as BP-723.0
Dr. B. Demple
5 credits
Course offered Fall 2005-2006. Alternate year course.
Seminars. Two 2-hour sessions each week.

A seminar course based on emerging research on the molecular effects of mutagenic, carcinogenic, and cytoxic agents. Particular focus on the cellular mechanisms that preserve biological integrity (e.g., cell cycle checkpoints; DNA repair) or mediate cellular responses to stress (e.g., redox signal transduction; apoptosis pathways).
Course Activities: This seminar course involves analysis and critical discussion of research papers. Written assignments in developing relevant research projects (mini-grant proposals).
Course Note: Advanced/ graduate courses in biochemistry, cell biology or genetics required. Cross-listed. HSPH students must register for HSPH course.

Course evaluations are an important method for feedback on the quality of course offerings. The submission of a course evaluation is a requirement for this course. Your grade for the course will be made available only after you have submitted responses to at least the first three questions of the on-line evaluation for this course.

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