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Fall 2006

Dr. J. Evans
2.50 credits
Lecture and computer workshops. One 2-hour session each week.

This course is designed to provide the tools and foundations necessary to understand the fate and transport of environmental contaminants in various environmental media and to estimate their impact on human exposure. The course will consider human exposure assessment in the context of risk assessment. Physical-chemical properties of contaminants and environmental media will be considered as they relate to developing basic models of human exposure.
Course Activities: Class discussion, computer workshops, lectures, homework assignments, final exam.
Course Note: Calculus and chemistry required; course required for all EER Program students.

Course evaluations are an important method for feedback on the quality of course offerings. The submission of a course evaluation is a requirement for this course. Your grade for the course will be made available only after you have submitted responses to at least the first three questions of the on-line evaluation for this course.

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