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Winter 2007

Stewart, James

Dr. R. Herrick, Dr. J. Levy, Dr. J. Shine, Dr. J. Stewart, Dr. J. Dennerlein
2.50 credits
Course offered 2005-2006. Alternate year course.
Lectures, case studies, labs. Twelve 3-hour sessions. Fieldwork.

Students will gain experience at making evaluations, taking measurements and collecting samples in the field, covering the range of media and settings we work in-that is, the workplace, the indoor environment, and the community environment. Students will gain familiarity with measurement and evaluation methods for a range of environmental hazards and risk factors, by using the equipment, practicing the techniques, and analyzing and interpreting their findings.

These goals will be accomplished through a set of four case studies, each of which will be coordinated by a faculty member. The case topics are: Occupational Environment (Bob Herrick), Water and Land (Jim Shine), Outdoor Air (Jon Levy), Indoor Environment (Jim Stewart) and Ergonomics (Jack Dennerlein.)

Each case consists of a two-day block, divided as follows:
Pre-class: Background readings assigned, including description of the case posted on the course i-commons site.
Day 1: Class meets in the morning, case is presented, discussion and questions, class prepares plan of field activities, then goes to a field site to conduct evaluation using tools and methods as planned in the morning session.
Day 2: Class meets in the morning, analyzes data and findings from field activities, interprets information, prepares summary.

The expectation is that each case will include about six hours of classroom time and twelve hours of outside time, including the field site visit. The structure of each case may vary slightly depending on the nature of the case.
Course note: No auditors. (5.06)

Course evaluations are an important method for feedback on the quality of course offerings. The submission of a course evaluation is a requirement for this course. Your grade for the course will be made available only after you have submitted responses to at least the first three questions of the on-line evaluation for this course.

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