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Spring 1 2007

Dr. C. Lange
2.5 credits
Lectures, laboratories. Two 2-hour sessions each week.

This course concentrates on the design and analysis of complex-disease association studies. It starts with a review of key concepts in genetic epidemiology (population genetics, population stratification, linkage disequilibrium, "tagging" SNPs) and then proceeds in two parts: population-based studies and family-based studies. Each part covers problems of design and analysis, among them: choice of test statistic, inferring and analyzing phased haplotypes from unphased genotypes, multiple comparisons, and gene-environment interactions. Homework consists of two analysis projects (one population-based and one family-based) designed to give students hands-on experience with current applications and software.
Course Note: BIO227 or signature of instructor required. (5.06)

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